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Best Gift Ideas at Any Price


Best Gift Ideas At Any Price | Birchbox.

Ah, the endless holiday gift list: We’re right there with you. Not only are you shopping for Mom and Dad, you’ve got the in-laws, the little ones, plus your second cousin who’s flown in from Hawaii—and that’s not including all those extra folks who are part of your daily life but aren’t necessarily part of your inner circle. Whether you’re looking for a fun little bauble to give your favorite yoga instructor or something more sophisticated for your boss’s boss, we’ve created a handy selection of brilliant gift ideas for everyone in your life, no matter how much you’re looking to spend.

Well, Aren’t You Thoughtful!—Best Gift Ideas Under $20

Small gifts can still make a big impact—or combine a couple for a real wallop of joy. Our staffers can’t get enough of Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter ($16), a delicious smelling artisanal balm that features natural hydrators like shea butter and jojoba oil and comes in a sleek black glass container. For a deceivingly posh yet affordable gift, we always reach for Caldrea’s Hand Soaps ($10.50). The beautifully designed bottles dress up any sink, and the non-drying formulas leave hands silky soft with a potent mix of aloe vera, olive oil, and essential oils. When we’re in the mood for fun, though, there’s nothing better than Feeling Smitten’s Holiday Bath Bombs ($17). The cupcake-shaped indulgences turn a plain old bath into a whimsical retreat.

Really, You Shouldn’t Have!—Best Gift Ideas Under $60

Scents are often overlooked as gift ideas since they’re so personal—it can be hard to guess what someone will like. But universally flattering fragrances, like Harvey Prince’s Eau Flirt ($55), can work for anyone. This bright, unforgettable mixture of pumpkin, lavender, freesia, and musky amber creates a sweet yet seductive blend. For giftees who appreciate a pedigree, wow them withJouer’s Fragrance Cornucopia ($42) a goody box packed with the brand’s jasmine, gardenia and honeysuckle scented fragrance, Birchbox’s exclusive fuchsia lip gloss and a cute wish stone. Or opt for a chic set of scented soaps—our favorites for winter are the ultra-moisturizing, organically-sourcedTay Essential Oils bar soaps ($36). The luxe formulas come in delicious scents like orange, pomegranate, and almond.

How Did You Know?!—Best Gift Ideas $75 and Up

Top-tier gifts are usually reserved for those you truly adore—or those you truly want to impress. We loveChantecaille’s Le Must Have Set ($98) for ultrasophisticates. The collection features the cult brand’s best-selling Faux Cils Mascara, their creamy Lucky Brilliant Gloss, and a gentle rose eye makeup remover—making it perfect for even the fussiest giftee. For hair connoisseurs, you can’t go wrong with Amika’s ceramic styler ($125)—the 1.25” barrel creates perfect loose tousled waves as easily as it straightens and smoothes unwieldy strands. Plus, it comes in a saucy peacock design that sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill styling tools.

—By Candice Chan


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